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Good, Bad & Ugly

The Question of God, Part 7(Freud segment, “Civilization and Its Discontents”; Conversation 7, “The Human Condition”) One of the most significant transitions in the Story of Western Civilization is that from a “Pre-Modern” to the “Modern” worldview.  The “God-Centered” order … Continue reading

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Libido & Love

The Question of God Part 6 (Freud segment–“Libido”; Lewis segment–“The Four Loves”; Conversation 6–“Love Thy Neighbor”) In 1905 Freud wrote a series of essays on sexuality which associated sex— or libido — as the driving force of our desires and … Continue reading

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Before Captain America: Young Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers, the boy who would become Captain America, was born in New York on July 4, 1917 the only child of Joseph and Sarah Rogers. His parents are described as immigrants living on New York’s Lower East Side who … Continue reading

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